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Dope Brushes are engineered to hold up to the rough conditions where they are used and the materials that are being applied. Solid wood handles with rubber drip collars make for safe handling. These industrial dope brushes are designed to withstand rough conditions, and this makes them suitable for harsh environments. Available in two styles, tapered and beveled.

They are manufactured with a sturdy wood handle with a union fibre mix and plastic hand guard. The bristles are perfect for applying compounds, varnish, adhesives and various other liquids.

We also provide Scrub Brush & Fender Brush to our customers in UAE. Scrub brushes are ideal for rough cleaning of durable surfaces. The long hardwood handle is perfect size for cleaning wheels and sidewalls. Fender brushes are designed to work with wheel cleaners, degreasers or all-purpose cleaners to remove dirt and build-up effectively and efficiently.

If you are looking to purchase Dope brush, Scrub brush or Fender brush in UAE, feel free to contact us. 

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